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What To Put In Your Easter Basket

Frou Frou Fringe Clutch held by model in a white dress

fringe clutch
($48) // floral burst earrings ($48) // floral cosmetic bag ($48) // sarong ($44) // wedge sandals ($62) // short sleeve hoodie ($38) // gold bracelet ($48) // clip on bear ($8) // pink gingham cosmetic bag ($22) 

Easter baskets can be hard to put together. Don’t stress any longer! We have the perfect gifts to fill up those baskets for any age! 

Fringe Clutch: We are obsessed with this clutch! It is the perfect accessory for the beach! The possibilities are endless; put your sunscreen and phone in it and toss it in your beach bag. Then, take it to dinner and keep your keys, mask, wallet, and phone all together!

Floral Burst Earrings: These earrings are so fun! They are light and small, about 1.5’’ across. They are great for everyday or for special occasions. They would be perfect for brides - wear to a shower or your rehearsal dinner! 

Makeup Bag: Our new makeup bags are a great gift for your daughter to keep for years to come. They are perfect for all ages, too! For babies, store extra wipes and diapers in them and toss the bag in your purse! For older girls, they make the perfect makeup bag for spend-the-night parties or overnight trips!

Sarong: Who doesn’t love a good sarong? We have multiple colorways in this new arrival, so you are sure to find one you love!
Wedges: These shoes are a spring and summer wardrobe must! They are made from a soft, vegan leather with platform bottom and puffy cross front. Such a unique twist on your typical platform wedges!

Hoodie: You know in the spring when it’s hot as ever during the day, but is that awesome crispy cool at night? This hoodie is made for that. Not to mention, it’s so cute! 

Bracelet This gold bracelet is an instant classic! It can be worn to complete any outfit!

Bear: If you have a little one, you need this adorable clip-on bear for her book bag or lunch box! They are such a sweet accessory, and will make her bag stand out so you’ll never lose it or get it mixed up!

We hope your shop Minette to fill your Easter basket!

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