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Erin Helton


Possessing an eye for unique finds and an obsession with fashion, Erin is naturally drawn to clean, classic looks and is known for having a simple, yet chic style. She is a self proclaimed shopaholic who aims to find the look for less and loves the thrill of the hunt. She is also passionate about all things related to food, health and nutrition, and a lover of all things sparkly and glamorous.


Minette Boutique was founded in 2018 when Erin, a recent new mom to her first-born daughter decided she didn't want to go back into an office for work. Erin found herself at home with her daughter for the first year, but realized that she was missing a major creative outlet in her life. With a busy bee personality, it is always hard for Erin to have downtime and to just relax, and it wasn't until being a mom herself that made her realize and truly, deeply appreciate all the love, energy, effort and hard work all moms give and put into their sweet babies. 

A lifelong dream of owning her own boutique came to life while doing what she loved most, caring for her daughter at home. This online boutique was created with the name MINETTE given to honor her mother, as Minette is Erin's mother's middle name. Moms make the world go round! Five years later, Erin now has two girls who enjoy running around in the store, helping customers shop for their favorite pieces, and play "shop" whenever they get the chance!



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